Since 2015, Connecting Actions has convened a number of organisations working for Interfaith, Interconvictional and Intercultural Dialogue to launch a Coalition meant to reinforce this field in Europe and increase our impact. This Coalition was created in Paris in June 2018 under the name European Institute For Dialogue.

Steering committee

Organisations directing Connecting Actions Paris 2016
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Muslim Jewish Conference

Creates and fosters dialogue, relationships and joint initiatives between Muslims and Jews worldwide.

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Three Faiths Forum

Builds understanding and lasting relationships across all faith and belief communities.

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Coexister is a non partisan, and non denominational group of young French activists that advocates coexistence through a method of peer education aimed at 15-35 year-olds.

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European Union of ­Jewish Students

Supports Jewish student unions and interfaith actions throughout Europe.


Connecting Actions is an international initiative to convene citizen, intercultural, interfaith and intercommunal dialogue organisations and experts

Connecting Actions is an international initiative to convene citizen, intercultural, interfaith and intercommunal dialogue organisations and experts to share best practices and reinforce this essential field for a better coexistence.

The initiative received its name based on a global network that its initiator, the Muslim Jewish Conference, created in response to the refugee crisis in 2015. The group mobilized a few hundred young Muslims and Jews around Europe to help assist the refugees by providing food and clothing for them upon their arrival in Germany, Austria, and Hungary. From this initiative, the scope of Connecting Actions expanded to help build bridges between the bridge builders.

The first symposiums, hosted by The Muslim Jewish Conference (MJC) in collaboration with Coexister, Three Faith Forum, Faith Matters, and the European Union of Jewish Students, served to bring citizen, intercultural, and interreligious dialogue groups from around Europe to share their experience. They also paved the way for building the Coalition that was created in June 2018.

Connecting Actions, now an independant non profit organisation registered in France, in the backdrop of mounting religious, ethnic and political tensions in Europe, will address pressing questions around the concept of active coexistence, methods and objectives of dialogue, challenges, combating radicalism, resources, social messages and media coverage through intense rounds of discussions.

Since June 2018, Connecting Actions is leading the newly formed European Institute For Dialogue, gathering a dozen European NGOs working in this field, to reinforce our action and multiply our impact.

Who we are

This is the team behind organizing Connection Actions

Rafael Tyszblat

Director of Programming
Muslim Jewish Conference

Emmanuel Michel

General Delegate

Ilja Sichrovsky

Muslim Jewish Conference

Jane Braden-Golay

Outreach and Partnerships
Muslim Jewish Conference

Meytal Rosenthal

Muslim Jewish Conference

Alexander Hohenecker

Head of IT & Development
Muslim Jewish Conference

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Connecting Actions is grateful for the support received by:


The OSCE’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights is a fervent advocate of coalition building among Civil Society Organisations working for tolerance and coexistence through dialogue. Since 2016, ODHIR has enabled Connecting Actions to take off.


Natan Fund has selected Connecting Actions as a grantee for the 2017-2018 in order to carry out its mission to build a living coalition of European organisations fostering intercultural, interreligious and citizen dialogue